Blog’s 1st Anniversary


Well, the time has come to mark the one year anniversary of my humble blog. I only started this as I became disillusioned with Flixster (Rotten Tomatoes) who changed their format and ripped the heart out of it’s film going community; something that I, quite simply, wanted to continue. As a result, Marked Movies was born. I struggle to think of the exact date but I think it was January 6th and I also considered many different names for the blog. All of which, I can’t recall as I didn’t really take it seriously to begin with and certainly didn’t expect the blog to take off as well as it has. Over the course of the last year it’s been great getting to know so many likeminded people who share my passion for film and also seem interested in what I have to contribute. For that I have to thank everyone who has paid a visit to my site. I don’t like to single anyone out but I do feel a special thanks has to go to my top five commenters over the past year. They are:

#1: Fernando from Committed To Celluloid.
#2: Ruth from Flixchatter
#3: Andy from Andy Watches Movies.
#4: Eric from The IPC.
#5: Tyson from Head In A Vice.

Many thanks guys and thanks to Dan at Fogs’ Movie Reviews for his generous Follow Friday’s post on me earlier in the year and to Joel Burman at The Lamb for choosing me as Lamb of the Month for October.
With the help and continued support of you all, hopefully I can make this site even more successful and more fun to stop by. I can’t thank everyone enough, who follows, comments, provides links, shout-out’s and feedback. It really has taken me aback and I appreciate it very much.
Onwards and upwards my friends.

Mark Walker

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69 Responses to “Blog’s 1st Anniversary”

  1. Happy birthday dude! Onwards and upwards indeed.

  2. Happy birthday to a fantastic blog, hope it keeps going for a long time.

  3. BOOM!! Happy 1st Birthday my friend :) Here’s to the next 12 months, let the good times roll :P

    • Cheers bro! I hope the good times keep coming. It’s amazing how much people contribute though isn’t it?

      • I know, Im aiming for #1 on here next year :)

      • Glad to hear it man. Nothing like a little healthy competition between bloggers. ;-) Fernando’s a force to be reckoned with though.

      • I try to comment on every post I read but I honestly had no idea I was top commenter on so many sites!

      • It’s very impressive how you manage to get around them all. I struggle more with that now that I’m following so many and trying to deliver my own stuff. I have two kids godammit! ;-)

      • Yeah, it came as a surprise to me beacuse I’m struggling a bit as well. Right now, I have more than 80 emails in my inbox, most of them notifications from blogs I didn’t read this past week. I worked a double shift and I couldn’t watch any movie or read many posts. Back to the regular schedule and job hours now, though, so hopefully a bit more free time for blogging and movie-watching!

      • I know how it is. In all honesty, I just can’t get through all my e-mails. I try but some eventually have to be let go. Everyone’s the same though, I know many people find it hard to read everything.

      • Yeah, it seems to be a general problem, hehe

  4. Congratulations, definitely one of my favourite film blogs out there. Here’s to another great year.

  5. daveackackattack Says:

    Cheers Mark. As Vince Vaughn from Swingers would say… “You all growns up now!” LoL.

    You know personally I was bummed when IMDb removed their Hit List last year. That’s how I found Ruth’s blog. I read that thing everyday. I emailed them to let my feelings known. They told me to go on to Twitter and I told them to “Twitter this!”

    BTW I’m in the in the process of upgrading my OS’s and finding components for my now 3 very used computers, my desktop, laptop and one for streaming media to my TV, so my postings will be sketchy for a while as you may have noticed. It looks like Newegg’s warehouse blowed up real good around here.

    • That’s it Dave! I’ve ditched the diapers an moved onto the potty now. ;-)

      I kept hearing about that Imdb thing but personally I never used it. I wish I got a chance to.

      No worries about the posting man. It always nice to see you stop by whenever that may be. I’m hoping to be around for a good while longer anyway.

      • daveackackattack Says:

        Yeah the Hit List was cool. 5 or 6 posts or articles nominated by the internets would get linked to on the front page of the biggest movie site around. Ruth deservedly got picked. Kind of a big deal I think.

      • It definitely sounds like a big deal and from what I’ve seen of Ruth’s material, it’s no surprise she made the cut. Such a shame they done away with that.

  6. Here’s an anniversary celebration I want to be a part of! I’ve grown to love Marked Movies and have been informed on a variety of new films I would’ve never caught up with. Keep up the great work in 2013!

    • Thanks a lot bro! Always great to hear that people appreciate the site. Especially when it comes from someone who’s site I also get a lot out of. Much obliged my friend. :-)

  7. Congrats, Mark! You’ve accomplished a whole bunch in that time. Well done, my friend.

  8. Wow… it’s been a YEAR huh? Time flies… I remember when you were just starting up. :D Had a feeling you’d do alright at this though. LOL

    Anyways, Salud! Here’s to many more!

    • Yeah that’s a year flew by now Fogs. It goes quick man. Glad to hear you had some confidence in me LOL. And thanks for contributing with your Follow Friday post on me. That was a winner buddy. Thanks again! :-)

  9. Happy birthday to you! Your entrance really made a difference, making the film blogosphere to a better place than it otherwise would have been, both thanks to your writing and thanks to your services as a community member, always dropping friendly comments at people’s places. Blogging for a whole year is no small feat. I hope you’ve gotten into the habit and won’t quit anytime soon.

    • That’s very kind words Jessica and they mean a lot coming from such a great writer and blogger such as yourself. I started to slow down a little recently as it was becoming hard to juggle it all but I’ve found a little pattern now that should leave me enough in the tank to keep going for another good while. It’s too much fun to give up. Thanks again! :-)

  10. Great to hear man. Happy 1 year!!

  11. Congrats dude, helluva long way to come in one year :)

  12. Good job Mark! Can’t wait to see where you take this blog next!

    • Thanks Nick. It’s been good to finally come across your blog recently as well. I’ve made some great friends over the year and hope to see more of your stuff also man.

  13. Thank YOU, Mark. It’s been great following your blog this past year. Congratulations on this milestone ;)

  14. Congratulations on a year of excellent blogging!

  15. Wow, it always surprises me a bit to learn that certain blogs I think I’ve been reading “all this time” are actually younger than my own blog, if only by a little bit.

    Congratulations on a great year, Mark, looking forward to more!

    • Thanks Morgan. I know what you mean in terms of time. It’s always a surprise to me as well. I automatically think that most people I’m following have been at it for ages but there are very few blogs out there (at least the one’s I’m following) that have been going for a good while.

  16. Happy 1st Birthday, Marked Movies! :)

  17. Man that Fernando beat me in the comments department! :D But hey, glad to be #2 Mark, your blog is fantastic and I really enjoy our convo back and forth. Congrats on all your achievements, my friend, very well deserved and looking forward to more great posts and reviews!

  18. Many happy returns sir! It’s been a pleasure over the past 12 months (well, since I started my blog in March) and long may it continue!

  19. It’s only been a year? Wow, thought you were already doing this for a lot longer :)

    Have you ever featured in my Moviesite Spotlight? If not, please drop me a mail and I’ll make sure to change that :)

    • Yep! It’s just been a year Nostra. I got stuck right in at the start and tried to network as best I could to build it up. I was also posting like a maniac to build up a film index. In the end, it’s all paid off.

      I haven’t featured in your moviesite spotlight but I’d be more than happy to. I’ll drop you a line. Thanks man!

  20. Very cool! Happy anniversary, here’s to another full year, my man

  21. Happy anniversary! Keep up the great work, man.

  22. CONGRATS TO MY MAIN MUCKERS!!! Here’s to 365 days of success!!

    • Thank you sir! You contributed a helluva lot to my blog in such a short time man. I never got to know you until late on but you made it into my top commenters list and I appreciate that very much amigo. Here’s to more of the same! :-)

  23. Congrats on hitting one year! You have made quite an impact in a very short time!

    • Thanks Joel. That Lamb of the Month made a big difference in terms of traffic and opening my blog up to more people so I was very pleased to receive it. Also, at that point I was burning out a little, so it came at the right time and spurned me on. Thanks for everything man! :-)

  24. Keep up the great work!

  25. sanclementejedi Says:

    woo hoo Mark keep up the good work! You should start work on you Lammy for your consideration poster. I would make that push for Best New Blog.

    • Shit man! I didn’t even know a poster was required but I’d love to win a Lammy. That would just top it all off. I must look into that. Any more tips or info, don’t hesitate to throw them my way man, cheers!

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