LAMB of the Month

Hello fellow bloggers, I trust that the world of blogging is treating you well? I have to admit that it has certainly put a little smile on my ugly moosh. Now, this isn’t a post that I’m used to delivering but I hope it’s something that I will be doing on a regular basis. It may also seem like small potatoes to some but it leaves me with such a warm feeling all over that I could sit and hug myself all day.
If truth be told, I was getting a little burned out with my blog as regular activity and input over the last month or so began to get on top a bit. Since the beginning of October I’ve been involved in my very good friend Ruth’s Blogathon from her site FlixChatter called “Small Roles Big Performances“. After that, I continued to deliver several, consistent film reviews and right through the month I managed to keep it going. I was involved in a couple of fun and interesting collaborations with another friend, Eric, who runs The IPC with his suggestion of a “double-take” on films like “Escape from New York” and “Leon“. Throughout all this, I was still (somehow) able to watch and compile my own personal work for Marked Movies and deliver reviews on an eclectic mix of genres; Horror isn’t something I’d normally be drawn too but I even attempted that and my good friend and colleague Michael who runs the site It Rains… You Get Wet seen it fit to include me in his excellent post Halloween Sundries on the Eve. Over at Head In A Vice, I’ve also been involved in Tyson’s enticing and forthcoming discussion of a certain movie (that I won’t disclose at present) involving four different bloggers. Yes, it’s been a busy month and I could go on and on here but ultimately I’m trying to shed some light onto the ultimate movie site that entices all of us bloggers. Yes… I’m speaking of “The Lamb” (The Large Association of Movie Blogs). If you haven’t heard of it… you should’ve! If you aren’t a member of it… you should be! Quite simply, it’s all under the watchful eye of film enthusiasts like ourselves and, in not so many words, a big thanks goes out to the man with the plan, the eye in the sky, Joel Burman, who has seen it fit to bestow me with Lamb of Month.

I can’t thank Joel enough and it’s little moments of recognition like this that make all the time and effort worthwhile. You can follow Joel personally on twitter @joelburman. Also, a big thank you goes out to everyone who’s been stopping by my site and taking the time to comment and include me in their own sites. I may have missed some people out here and for that I apologise but you all know who you are anyway. Thanks again. Onwards and upwards my friends.



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54 Responses to “LAMB of the Month”

  1. “I’m trying to shed some light onto the ultimate movie site that entices all of us bloggers.”

    I may quote you on this. hahaha

  2. Congratulations! The attention is well delserved. You’re really a wonderful teamplayer who brightens up this little world of ours.

  3. Glad to see my “shocked Lamb” is still alive and making its way around the net. LOL. :D

    Congrats Mark!

  4. Congratulations, Mark. It’s well deserved. And thank you so much the link share, my friend.

  5. I hope you don’t stay burned out. You rock it THE MOST.

  6. I presume this is some kind of typo on Joel’s behalf??……. ;)

    If anyone deserves it that isnt me its you Mark. Congrats buddy, keep up the great work and thanks for mentioning my site. :)

    • Maybe Joel swung by your site and noticed all my magnificent contributions Tyson? Maybe he realised that your site would not be the same without my input? ;-) Either way, thanks my man. Much appreciated and your welcome on the link. You deserve at least that.

      • LOL. Maybe thats what happened. Maybe I would be nothing without you. But lets hope we never find out until I drain your site dry of reviews at least :)

        I deserve more your right, since I mentioned you on my birthday post no less. And did a post dedicated solely to you and the Daily Lamb…….. Damn I’m too good to you ;)

      • LOL. Drain away my friend. Drain away! What’s mine is yours.

        You have been as equally generous to me too though. I have to admit it. Getting a mention on your Birthday post was special. It touched me… Really! Also, a post dedicated solely to me was a grand gesture sir. That’s why I had to mention you on receipt of this recent accolade ;-)

      • We are both too kind & generous!! :)

      • Just two all round good guys man! What else can be said really? Diamond geezers ;-)

  7. daveackackattack Says:

    Well I guess you could say I was prescient in knowing when to jump your blog when it’s hot. I really only post on two blogs, yours and Ruth’s so I hope that’s a compliment in and of itself. Let’s face it, I’m probably one of the harshest, most opiniated critics of film on these blogs but despite that I really love the back and forth of the dialogue… even when we disagree it’s nice to get a different, well informed point of view. The older I get it becomes harder to find peers in the world of movies like you, Ruth, Ted S, jackdeth72, etc. Also it’s nice to get a world perspective on film from you and Ruth. Sometimes we Americans really do think were the center of the world universe. LOL.

    One More Kiss is up next. If anyone else can’t find it check this link out: That’s the only place I could find it.

    Still working on that post for you…

    Cheers my friend on a job well done.

    • Thanks Dave. It IS a compliment in itself that you only comment on two blogs and mine is one of them. It’s also nice to be mentioned alongside Ruth’s excellent work over there. I enjoy our back and forth comments as well Dave. It’s great to have proper discussions whether we agree or not and I also appreciate you taking on my recommendations wholeheartedly and going out of your way to hunt stuff down. Thanks, as always, man!

      • daveackackattack Says:

        Well as far as seeing your recommendations it’s a no brainer. It’s not that often that someone has a recommendation that I haven’t seen or am interested in seeing. The Scottish trilogy you put together was inspired in that I’d already seen all of Bill Forsyth’s, Lynne Ramsay’s and Danny Boyle’s films.

        Hey check this out. I was reading up about Ken Loach and came across this on wiki and thought of you: Loach turned down an OBE in 1977. In a Radio Times interview, published in March 2001, he said:

        “It’s all the things I think are despicable: patronage, deferring to the monarchy and the name of the British Empire, which is a monument of exploitation and conquest. I turned down the OBE because it’s not a club you want to join when you look at the villains who’ve got it.” Take that Wow! I guess he wasn’t invited to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee earlier this summer. LOL.

        Tell me he’s not your new favorite hero.

      • Haha. He is my new favourite hero. I wasn’t aware of this at all Dave. Nice info man. I also love his honesty and reasons for rejecting it. That’s integrity for you. I share these same views and find everything about the monarchy absolutely disgusting. It’s interesting times in Scotland just now. We have a referendum coming and people will be able to vote for Independence in the near future. If it goes to plan then Scotland will be breaking away from the UK and stand on it own.

      • daveackackattack Says:

        So you mean all you guys just had to do is get together and vote? So are you for full independence or devo max? (I did some reading) Does Ireland and Wales want this too?

      • Well, it’s pretty much the Scottish Nationalist Party that’s spearheading it. However, parliament are trying to claim it would be illegal for Scotland to break away and if we did, we wouldn’t survive on our own. I think they’re just afraid because Scotland could actually be a very rich country in terms of oil for example. It’s still very unsure as to how to Scots will vote on it. It might not happen. Personally, I hope it does. No offence to my neighbours but I’ve always wanted independance. I’m not sure about Wales, I think they’ll remain and Ireland is a completely different story. That’s far more complicated over there.

      • daveackackattack Says:

        How would it be illegal to sucede? Didn’t Cameron give the OK to have the referendum even though I think he prefers devolution to full succession? I was reading that unfortunately the oil won’t be there forever and that oil beds could start running dry by 2020. It’s an interesting dilema for your country. I can’t say there’s much talk of it here as we mostly focus our attention on The Middle East and Afghanistan and to a lesser extent the juggernaut that is China.

        Gotta go but this is certainly an interesting topic Mark.

      • I don’t think Cameron could say No considering that the conservatives got very few of the Scottish vote during the elections. Scotland have pretty much refused to vote the Tories in again after Margaret Thatcher and her obvious bias against Scotland. Still, despite not voting for them we are still governed by them. Even though Cameron okayed it, I still think he’s worried. I’m not entirely clued up on the legalities of it all but it is being claimed.

      • daveackackattack Says:

        “Still, despite not voting for them we are still governed by them.”

        Reminds me of that great scene in Python’s The Holy Grail between King Arthur and the peasant lady.

        “I am your king!”

        “Well I didn’t vote for ya.” LOL.

      • Haha. It is a bit like that. That’s how the Tories seem to see us Scots anyway. We are are the peasants of the land. ;-)

  8. We’ve been “Marked!” — It’s one of the first things that came to mind when reading your name and blog title. :)
    Congratulations on your LOTM honor!
    Be proud, give yourself that long hug, rock on and keep up the good work.

    • LOL! Thanks Nicole. That’s very nice of you to say. I think I will give myself that little hug now ;-) Thanks for taking the time stop by also. New faces are always welcome.

  9. Congrats Mark, very well deserved man! So honored to be getting a mention, too, much obliged my friend.

    • Thank you Ruth and your very welcome. It was a month were I put in a lot of work on not only my own site but many others as well. Like I say, I’m a bit burned out but it’s been the most successful month I’ve had in terms of stats and to get this from Joel was just the icing on the cake.

  10. Congratulations, Mark. It’s well earned.

    • Thank you Morgan. To be honest, I was very surprised but as I’ve said before, these little things make a big difference. It’s all a very time consuming hobby but worth it when places like the Lamb are putting your name out there.

  11. Many congrats Mark! Well and truly deserved. Good to see the excellent work you’ve been putting in is paying off. :)

  12. Congratulations Mark! Definitely deserve.

  13. That’s awesome! Way to go, Mark

    • Thanks Andy! I worked my ass off during October but I think Joel has been very generous. I’m sure others could easily have been chosen but without sounding selfish, I’m glad he chose me. ;-) I can’t thank the man enough. He runs a good show over there and I’m very appreciative of his recognition.

  14. Awww, yay!! Congrats! :)

  15. daveackackattack Says:

    Hey Mark,

    send your email address to so I can send you my post. What format do you want it in?” MS Word?


    • Hey Dave, I thought I’d sent you it already? No matter! I’ll do it again. In fact, here it is…

      Unsure of the format though bro, I do all of my blogging through my iPhone. Anything I post on my blog stems from my phone. Send it anyway and I’ll see how it’s appearing. Another thing, I can’t post videos on my site yet as I’m on the cheapskate wordpress deal at the moment. I will upgrade in the future though but it serves my purposes for now.

  16. Nice summary of your Cctober-November activity :) Looking forward for that project you mentioned at Head in a Vice. Congrats on being Lamb of the Month! Well deserved!

  17. Good stuff, Mark. You deserve it. :)

  18. Congrats, Mark! Great to see your blog highlighted :D

  19. Well done sir, a very deserving award!!

    Sorry I havent been around as much as I should lately. I have been busy. I hope you can forgive me!!

    • Thanks Scott. Much appreciated man. Don’t worry about your frequency, I’m guilty of that exact same thing. I’ve not been as active as I’d liked to have been on others’ stuff.

  20. Victor De Leon Says:

    great going Mark! good for you my man!

  21. Congrats to you Mark. That is a fine accomplishment

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